Making Complex Science Easy to Understand

ILLUMINATIONS provide a non-threatening and effective way to explain frightening and abstract scientific content. They’re a perfect complement to more traditional patient education. 

Rooted in science. Grounded in humanity.

We Put Patients First

Doctors and their staff simply don’t have the time to properly educate patients. So patients turn to the Internet, where they can become overwhelmed by text-heavy sites and worst-case scenarios.

Patients and their loved ones need clear, accurate, non-threatening, and accessible information—in a format they can understand.

Patients who understand their condition and its treatment are more likely to become engaged and compliant, to use medications and products safely, and to consider participation in clinical trials.

This finally taught me what cancer is doing in my body

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) asked us to create 14 ILLUMINATIONS for their new clinical trials site to help dispel myths and allay fears about cancer clinical trials.

The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation used ILLUMINATIONS to help patients and providers understand how important it is to profile tumors—because mutations matter.

Recent Work

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