Mill Pond ILLUMINATIONS Honored by FAST COMPANY’s World Changing Ideas 2020

Mill Pond Communications and our creative partners, D2 Creative, are honored that Fast Company has recognized our Mill Pond ILLUMINATIONS as a Finalist in the Education Category of the magazine’s World Changing Ideas Awards for 2020.


ILLUMINATIONS was also given an Honorable Mention in the highly competitive Health and Wellness category.

What are Mill Pond ILLUMINATIONS?

ILLUMINATIONS are short (1-2 minutes), shareable videos that blend visual metaphors and lighthearted character animation to help make abstract scientific and health-related concepts easy to understand. The pieces are always written and designed to accommodate foreign-language translations, enabling us to reach diverse audiences. Check out some of our work:

Stand Up To Cancer: Biopsies


This is one of 14 MM&M Gold Award-winning ILLUMINATIONS for Stand Up To Cancer’s new Clinical Trials site to help dispel myths and allay fears around cancer clinical trials. Learn more

Mutations Matter


The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation (CCF) wanted to increase awareness of the need for molecular profiling among both cancer patients and clinicians. Learn more

COVID-19 PSA: Don’t Touch Your Face!

The UN put out a Call to Creatives asking for help in getting out messaging on COVID-19. We answered the call with an ILLUMINATION to help reduce face touching in the form of a playful :30 PSA.

About FAST COMPANY’s World Changing Ideas 2020

Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards honor products, concepts, companies, policies, and designs that are pursuing innovation for the good of society and the planet. In this, its fourth year, the Awards drew more than 3,000 submissions from around the globe across 26 categories, including transportation, health and wellness, education, food, politics, technology, AI and data, and corporate social responsibility.

Entries were judged by a group of Fast Company editors together with a panel of designers, venture capitalists, thinkers, and social entrepreneurs who critiqued the entries on their impact, design, scalability, and ingenuity. The goal of the awards is to bring attention to ideas with great potential and help them expand their reach and serve as inspiration for others.

Be sure to check out all of the winners at and in the May/June issue of the print magazine, which hits newsstands May 5.

About Mill Pond Communications

Mill Pond Communications is a patient advocacy agency. Our advocates work with our creative and technology partners to help provide educational and communications campaigns that meet patients wherever they are—physically, and speak to patients where they are—emotionally and intellectually. Mill Pond’s advocates serve as muses to our creative partners and are the first to review and approve everything, ensuring the work will resonate with patient audiences.

Mill Pond ILLUMINATIONS are a joint initiative of patient advocacy agency, Mill Pond Communications, and our partner digital agency, D2 Creative.

About D2 Creative

Over the past two decades, D2 Creative has helped life science, technology and medical device companies make meaningful connections with patient, professional, consumer and business audiences. The agency combines its core strategic, creative and technological strengths to offer branding, website design, app development, video storytelling, and digital marketing.

As an independent digital agency, D2 Creative has remained nimble, continually evolving its solutions to meet advances in technologies, market demands, and the ever-changing needs of customers.

A dedicated team from D2 Creative leverages the agency’s long history working in the healthcare space to create solutions with Mill Pond that offer a unique slant on science and medicine.

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