ILLUMINATIONS are short, shareable videos that blend lighthearted character animation with visual metaphors to convey abstract concepts in simple and memorable ways. They are perfect for educational campaigns or as a complement to more traditional patient education.

ILLUMINATIONS “break open” concepts, helping patients to better understand the rest of your content. They provide foundational knowledge that leads to better dialogues and patient engagement.

At each stage of development our patient advocacy team reviews all materials before they go out the door, ensuring that the final product will resonate with your audience.


Tissue banking presented as a “safe” and secure option


Molecular profiling explained using rogue, “criminal” cells

Character Sets

You’re welcome to cast your ILLUMINATIONS using our standard set of animated human and biological characters. The standard set includes dozens of diverse and personable characters and is always growing to accommodate the needs of specific storylines. 

Alternatively, we can create a custom set of characters for you, providing you with a cast of characters with a distinct look and feel that allow you to adopt brand cues to make them all your own.


eLearning Modules​

“ILLLUMINIZE” your eLearning modules with our unique take on patient education. Our eLearning modules can incorporate short ILLUMINATION sequences together with more traditional eLearning elements. The characters and our educational approach can be utilized throughout to provide a cohesive interactive experience.


Because of the distinct and memorable nature of our ILLUMINATIONS, they are often used as the centerpiece of an educational campaign to increase awareness or urge patients to take some action.

Our comprehensive ILLUMINATIONS Campaigns help ensure you reach and influence your intended audience.

What Patients Are Saying


The cartoons capture your attention

“This finally taught me what cancer is doing in my body.”

“I kind of felt happy watching it, even though it was about a serious subject.”

“The humor made me listen.”

They’re clear, fast, easy to understand.”    

Recent Work


Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) asked us to create 14 ILLUMINATIONS for their new clinical trials site to help dispel myths and allay fears about cancer clinical trials.


The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation used ILLUMINATIONS to help patients and providers understand how important it is to profile tumors—because mutations matter.