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Custom Content Solutions

Mill Pond can create ILLUMINATIONS specific to your content and audience. 

Whether you need to explain a specific disease state—like cancer, heart disease or diabetes, demystify the science behind a new drug, or speak to a specific patient population (i.e. women’s health issues), you’ll find that our unconventional approach to science education will grab the attention of patients, students, employees, and health care professionals alike.

Mill Pond’s Custom ILLUMINATIONS are perfect when you want to:

  • Generate site traffic

  • Offer content specific to your audience

  • Create branded, proprietary characters

  • Have exclusive use of the animations

Recent Work


Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) asked us to create 14 ILLUMINATIONS for their new clinical trials site to help dispel myths and allay fears about cancer clinical trials.


The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation used ILLUMINATIONS to help patients and providers understand how important it is to profile tumors—because mutations matter.